Route is the easiest way to optimize travel on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

Quickly calculate the shortest route around town to save time and money on gas! Route will optimize your path for you to avoid headache and frustration. Route takes the complexity out of delivering goods, garage sale hopping, running errands, and much more.

iOS 7

Route will fit in great on iOS 7 with the app's new design.

Universal App

Route has the same great experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Google Maps Integration

You can perform turn-by-turn navigation to any destination using Apple's Maps app or the Google Maps app if it is installed.

Add up to 100 destinations

Add an address

The best way to add a destination to a route is to use the exact address.

Search for businesses

If you don’t know the exact address of a business that you need to add to a route, you can search for the business just by its name. Route will search around you for matches that you can choose from.

Add a contact

Addresses from contacts can be used as destinations. Just search for the name of the contact or view all contacts with addresses.

Current location

Adding your current location as a destination is a snap. This is also great for when a location’s address is unknown.

List of addresses

Enter a list of up to 100 addresses, each on its own line. Great for pasting in destinations from a separate file, email, or other source!

Previous destinations

Add places that you travel to often by accessing the previous destinations. All the previous destinations are available, and favorites are supported to easily find your favorite spots.

Other Features

  • Calculate shortest route between a series of addresses.
  • Displays the driving directions between each stop.
  • Displays the calculated route on the map.
  • View previously created routes.
  • Supports up to 100 destinations in a route.
  • Retina iPhone and iPad support.
  • Offline access to previous routes’ directions.
  • Global support – works all over the world. (English only, though).

Example Uses

  • Optimize an errand run to save on gas.
  • Plan a vacation with multiple destinations.
  • Optimize a delivery route.
  • Find the quickest way to visit each of your friends
  • Great for campaigning & putting up other signs!

We are hard at work pushing out new updates all the time! Your feedback is valued for new features!
Please contact us if you have any issues with Route!

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